with the power of community and AI
Beat the hiring freeze and layoff odds
2022 has shaken the job market.
Experienced professionals and budding specialists are now all in the same boat facing the new challenges of employment.

And it just doesn’t work the way it used to. It can be really stressful and expensive to adapt to those new challenges.
Recognise yourself?
No worries, we’re here to help
Posted my CV on all job sites and getting zero calls
Sent my daily 100+ messages on social to try and reach the right people and get referrals
Researched the prices for professional courses on teaching me that new thing I’ve always wanted to do
Took layoff as a chance to start my own business and have no idea where to start exactly
Intch makes your next career steps stress-free and affordable
Intch is 100% free and open to everyone
We especially hope to be helpful to people from diverse backgrounds hoping that our efforts will “level the playing field” and make sure everyone has the knowledge they need to succeed.
Use AI to make networking effortless and effective
You do not have to search specific people to reach out — the Intch recommendation algorithm does that for you. All you need to do is complete your profile and post a request.
Unite with professionals for mutual help in times of crisis
85% of jobs aren’t even posted on job sites - these positions are filled through personal recommendations. On Intch you get access to that hidden job market through people you should know, not who you already know.
How it works
You can apply yourself, introduce or recommend someone you know.
Participate in business talks
Exchange favors
Reply to requests
Step 3
Grow your network
Step 2
Swipe and connect
Everyday, our AI algorithm matches you with 5 useful contacts that are relevant to your request or your profile
Or even a simple question to the community
Or a request for a mentor or a referral
A job-search ad highlighting your skills
Step 1
Post a request
Check out what our community
is up to right now
See what people get out of Intch
“I’m a business analyst with 10+ years of experience. As I was always hired or hunted from one company to the other, I never had a problem getting a job until I was laid off this spring. I didn’t even have a CV and it took me a while to put it together. With Intch I found the people outside my social bubble who were looking for someone with my experience. I started with a free consultation and in the end, landed a job offer. It took one app and two handshakes.”
Hannah, Business Analyst
“I needed a strong team for my startup and posted an ad for a full-stack developer on Intch. The first reply was from a product manager though - she was interested in the product. The fun thing is that I didn’t post the PM position, but after talking to her I realised that we actually do need one! A few replies later I’ve also found a developer. As a result, we’ve found 2 valuable team members who are now the core of our startup and in 3 months we had a working MVP.
Intch gave us more than we expected – so I’d suggest to keep your mind open because you never know who might reply to your request!”
Eldar, Startup Founder
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